April Workshops


Thirty brave and cold performers represented the Salt Lake Strummers at a recent Easter Performance.  We wowed the crowd and had a great time despite the cold. 

Now that the rehearsals for that performance are over, we will return to our regular timing of workshops with two being held in April.   

Workshop 1 – Wednesday, April 10

Location: Sandy Library – 10100 South Petunia Way at 6:30pm.  
We will take a really deep dive into the song, CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’.  There are new charts available in our Next Workshop page. Paid Members of the Salt Lake Strummers will have access to the music (You must be logged in to access the Music Library).  Also in the Music Library is the Vocal Harmonies for the song – bring both files with you to the workshop.  If you are not a Paid Member and would like to attend the workshop, please respond here and we will bring you a copy of the music and there will be a $10 charge for the workshop (That’s a bargain for what you will learn in 1.5 hours).

Workshop 2 – Tuesday, April 23

Location: Sandy Library – 10100 South Petunia Way at 6:30pm.
We will learn how to load music to Piascore and all the bells and whistles that go along with having your music on your iPad.  This class is for those with Apple iPads only and you must be familiar with how to open and move around your iPad to avoid this becoming just an iPad class.   Here’s a link to the app – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/piascore-smart-music-score, which is free and we recommend that you pay for the one time upgrade for just a few bucks.  That way you can share music with others.

Last two workshops until Fall

These will be our last two workshops until October as our summer months start in May.

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