Board Positions

The Salt Lake Strummers are governed by a Board of Directors. There are five non-paying Director positions. Directors serve for a term of two years, with the possibility of reelection. The board consist of individuals who are passionate about the organization’s purpose. Any member of Salt Lake Strummers in good standing can run for a position on the board.

Elections are held annually during the May meeting. To ensure continuity, 2 positions are open on even-numbered years and 3 positions are open on odd numbered years. Once elections are complete, the new board decides among themselves which person assumes which role.

The following sections describe each role. While these descriptions sound stuffy and it can be a lot of work, we have a lot of fun.

President – Job duties include proposing and calling for meetings, opening the meetings and calling them to order, announcing the order of business, recognizing members to speak on the floor, keeping tabs on voting and announcing legitimate results, handling outrageous motions with diplomacy, properly adjourning the meeting.

Vice President – Serves as President, if needed, and perform duties as assigned by the President.

Secretary – Responsible for maintaining all records of the organization, i.e meeting minutes, amendments to documents, membership rosters, and attendance, if required.

Treasurer – Responsible for managing the organization’s finances. Collects dues. Tracks all income and expenditures and reports monthly to the board the current state of financial records. Gains approval of financial status from the members of the Board.

Member at Large – Serves as an Advisor providing experience and expertise and may serve in a variety of roles, as needed.